SNOWMAGEDDON 2016! East Falls Hunkers Down

Well that was fun! According to the latest dispatch from the National Weather Service, our storm has moved on: let the digging out begin!  **UPDATED 1-24-16**  More pics and video of the storm in East Falls. 

Eastfallslocal ef bridge effect snowy steve ducky dig out post reported snow totals of up to 3 feet of accumulation in some areas  (they were also posting hourly updates). Sunday’s looking cool & cloudy: Let the dig out begin! Meanwhile, enjoy these pics & videos from Jonas’s visit to East Falls…

Eastfallslocal collage thanks for sharing

Share your neighborhood pics with the world! Tweet @EastFallsLocal or tag us on Facebook (where we’re trying to cover every nook & cranny, ha). Photos from our walks around East Falls, Sunday, January 24th:

Eastfallslocal COLLAGE UPDATES

Eastfallslocal collage for post updates blizzard

Eastfallslocal baz facebook 8 x 10

THANKYOUVERYMUCH:  Above shares from @MotorCityN8, Heather Petrone-Shook, and Bastiaan Slabbers, our favorite local Dutch guy and roaming photo-journalist (who always seems to be up to something interesting — here’s his NewsWorks gallery of the blizzard, too).

In East Falls, we had quite a coffee run this morning! Left Gypsy Lane Condos around 6:45 am, to find sidewalks largely unshoveled and roads — while the main ones had been plowed — were still pretty thick with gunky wet snow.

Eastfallslocal COLLAGE abandoned cars

Of the few cars that were on the road, many seemed to be having difficulty (big surprise, I know!) — we even saw a plow truck stuck in the snow off Schoolhouse lane.

The river’s icing over in a cool rippled pattern, and the wind is whipping up snow drifts everywhere. No paddlers on the river, except for the feathered kind.

Eastfallslocal 1-23 SNOWMAGEDDON --collage calumet etc

At 8:00 am, Calumet Street was still unplowed and untrodden. Lured me uphill with its pretty colorful rowhome facades, then trudging that steep climb in a foot of fresh snow was brutal. Dammit, Calumet. About halfway up I seriously considered lying down to make snow angels.

Eastfallslocal COLLAGE trains town

This is a heavy, windy storm.  Weather channel says this baby’s gonna keep going through the weekend, and require a ton of cleanup.

Eastfallslocal neighborhood snow collage

Stay warm, East Falls! Keep tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for more pics & video, plus updates on what’s open, who’s out here, and how’s everything going on a super-local level.

Eastfallslocal bridge collage

PS. Isn’t it purdy, though?!

Eastfallslocal auto 1-23 SNOWMAGEDDON --skew bridge ice snow geese survey wide 2 AGAIN px 8 x 10 effect text

Can’t get enough of East Falls in the snow? Don’t miss “UP THE NUTS,” Russ Gardner’s charming & nostalgic post about winter as a neighborhood kid here in the 50’s.

Up the Nuts totebag or throw blanket maybe

Video from last year…


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