Hail to the grief! November 9 can’t come fast enough. In the meantime, beer expert Jon Kennedy suggests a few brews to cure your election fatigue.


Ah November…turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, football, and — Oh, yeah that time of year where this year we elect a new leader of the free-world!

So East Falls, whether you’re with her, or you want to make America great again, I think we can all agree on one thing…. WE ALL need a drink! So in the spirit of election season here are some politically-inspired beers that should show up on your ballots.


Anheuser-Busch InBev Budweiser
Leuven, Belgium/ St. Louis, Missouri

  • Faint American hop aroma
  • Crisp, golden-clear, highly carbonated light-bodied lager
  • 5% ABV (alcohol by volume)
  • 7 IBU (international bittering units)

America….yep nothing says America like a once-great American made product that is now owned by a foreign based multi-national corporation and is mass-produced mostly outside the United States. There are still Budweiser breweries in the US, but the shots are called by InBev’s foreign executives in Belgium. So, just like some candidates who are rebranding themselves….BUYER BEWARE.

On the other hand, sometimes you just want to drink a Bud Heavy, wearing a screaming eagle tank-top & “MADE IN AMERICA” Trucker Cap, waving Old Glory in cowboy boots, watching C. Thomas Howell in all his glory screaming, “Wolverines!”  in the 80’s American classic Red Dawn, so yeah ‘MURICA!


Chill Clinton
Exile Brewing Company
Des Moines Iowa

  • Light caramel and nutty aroma
  • Bittersweet, medium-bodied, balanced, double-hemp amber ale
  • 8% ABV
  • 50 IBU

This higher ABV Red Ale is brewed with 700 lbs. of hempseeds! All of those seeds add a nice woody/nut flavor that pairs amazingly with some BBQ dishes like Murphy’s Pig Wings or a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.  It even pairs well with pizza from In Riva, Frank’s, or Golden Crust just remember to order enough for the rest of the class Mr. Spicoli, okay bud….


General Washington’s Tavern Porter
Yards Brewing Company
Philadelphia PA

  • Roasted chocolate and caramel notes with hints of licorice & vanilla
  • Deep dark brown, smooth, full-bodied strong porter with dried fruit finish
  • 7% ABV
  • 34 IBU

This porter is inspired by Washington’s own recipe detailed in a letter from the General to his officers during the Revolutionary War and reflects his appreciation of the Philadelphia-style porters of the day!  How cool is that?!!!!

This chocolate malt & molasses fueled brew pairs great with a burger topped with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and swiss cheese.  It also pairs well with any chocolate-based dessert.  Want to get crazy?  Try a beer-float adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a pint!


Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale
Yards Brewing Company
Philadelphia PA

  • Aromas of rye, honey, and floral hops
  • Clean, golden/copper colored, medium-bodied, English-style golden ale with hints of biscuit and spicy rye bitterness on the back end and a slightly boozy finish
  • 8% ABV
  • 28 IBU

This ale was a collaboration between the historic City Tavern & Yards’ Tom Kehoe, recreating an ale similar the ones brewed by Jefferson himself at Monticello.  This strong ale pairs amazingly with fattier foods like duck, pork chops, or a fine charcuterie platter.

I love pairing this beer with a nice sausage, fried onion and pepper sandwich while kicking back and watching the I-G-G-L-E-S. It is absolute perfection, just be careful at 8% you may not make it through the whole game before drifting into a blissful food-coma.

Here’s to beers and plenty of cheers,


Beer tips and food pairings from Jonathan Kennedy, a badass foodie who eats pigs whole and has forgotten more than we’ll ever know about enjoying beer.

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