Help this Mutt Strut!

Hobbled hound hopes for happy howliday!

We didn’t want to go all Tiny Tim on you, but it’s the Christmas season and we’re not above tugging heartstrings! This adorable mutt is Darwin, party animal, bareback rider, and puppy dynamo. Ever since he was rescued from a kill shelter over five years ago, he’s also been a rock for his owner Katarina.

“He’s been through every event in my life, major and minor, for the past five and a half years and we’ve become bonded together…He’s helped me to become a better, stronger, and happier person, and in exchange, I promised to take the absolute best care of him I could.”

Lately Darwin’s had some trouble with his leg that requires surgery and has kept him from being the furry ball of energy he was before. The expenses have outgrown Kattie’s pet insurance and have taxed her personal finances so she’s turning to friends, family, and fellow animal-lovers to help get her best friend “running by my side again every day.”

Darwin’s GoFundMe page is bumping but there’s still a ways to go. Any help is greatly appreciated. Check it out at

If you want to see more pictures of Darwin doing all the things he loves, or for updates on his current medical status, check out his photos on Instagram @kattieyk or #darwinthemutt.

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