Heart-On for Beer

Our beer guru reviews five sexy seasonal suds that even a saint couldn’t turn down.

Happy February, to you my neighbors and friends!!!  Here we all are with cooling temperatures, fiery debates, a local QB in the Super Bowl “SO CLOSE MATTY ICE!”, and of course the biggest Hallmark holiday of them of all, Valentine’s Day.

How does a saint who was beaten with clubs and then beheaded, add up to chocolates, fancy dinners, and roses….who the heck knows? But some gentlemen & ladies may receive the same treatment from their respective partners if they choose to overlook February the 14th!

So, for the smitten and the haters alike, here are some selections that can be enjoyed with that special someone or by yourself — relaxing in a pair of sweatpants, eating whatever you please, and Netflixing on the couch with a smooth brew that loves you just the way you are!

We start off with a little local love, because every relationship requires a little, “Fourplay.”

Stoudt’s Fourplay IPA
Adamstown, PA

  • Hints of citrus & caramel
  • Full-bodied malts that balance out citric hops
  • American IPA
  • 6% (ABV)  60 (IBU)

This local favorite, pairs great with a blue cheese topped burger, steak, or even those chocolates that you refuse to share.

For those with a sweet tooth and an affinity for 80’s Eddie Murphy movies I give you….

Foothills Brewing Company’s Sexual Chocolate
Winston-Salem, NC

  • Aromas of espresso, dark chocolate, & toffee
  • A full-bodied, velvety, cocoa-infused Imperial Chocolate Stout
  • ABV 9.75% 85 IBU

This Dark Chocolate Imperial Stout will make your SOUL GLO! The chocolate melds with rich toffee notes and dark fruit flavors to create a beautiful boozy delight!  This beer pairs amazingly with rich pork dishes, BBQ, and compliments anything chocolate!  But don’t take it from me….Listen to Randy Watson….

Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate

Contest Alert!!!!!

Anyone who completes the King Jaffe Joffer challenge of taking a picture of themselves with a McDowell’s Burger @ Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloonery dressed in full Coming to America attire and posts it to the East Falls Local Page will be eligible to win a bottle of Sexual Chocolate from yours truly!!!

For those who are experiencing the joy of being ALONE on “National Single Awareness Day” don’t be sour, drink one….

Mikkeller Sour Bitch
Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Hints of tropical lychee fruit
  • Oak, barrel-aged Lambic
  • 7.7% ABV

The tropical fruit flavors of the lychee, throughout this brew, are amazingly balanced by its tartness & acidity.  This lambic works great contrasting creamy fatty cheeses like brie, or complimenting funkier cheeses like goat cheese or gorgonzola.  It also works great with earthier foods such as beets and lighter fare such as salads.

Perhaps, you choose to embrace your bitterness with

Arrogant Brewing’s Arrogant Bastard Ale
Escondido, CA

  • This ale is more bitter than you & your ex combined!
  • Piney and bready notes w/ big hops
  • 7.2% ABV IBU Classified* No REALLY!!!

This hoppy full-bodied ale isn’t for the faint of heart, but either is February 14th, embrace your arrogance!  This beer pairs amazingly with hot wings or spicy Thai.

We’ll close on preaching a message L-O-V-E with

Yard’s Love Stout
Philadelphia, PA

  • Hints of coffee & chocolate
  • Smooth, creamy, full-bodied, dry stout
  • 5.5 ABV 33 IBU

This awesome flagship of our own beloved Yards Brewing was first brewed with oysters, years ago hence it’s name, so it pairs amazingly well with them.  It It also pairs amazingly with a hearty beef stew or with chocolate filled desserts.

So, whether you are a lover or a hater I think we all can agree that beer is good for your heart!

Here’s to cheers and plenty of beers,


Stop by Brittingham’s (Lafayette Hill) and say hi to Jon! Valentine’s alert: Oysters are on the menu (and lamb chops and pan-seared scallops)! Beautiful Bluepoint oysters are the perfect starter for a romantic night out.


Beer tips and food pairings from Jonathan Kennedy, a badass foodie who eats pigs whole and has forgotten more than we’ll ever know about enjoying beer.

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