Get ready for your close-up with Shanah — local makeover star and your new secret Insta-weapon. 

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Bright summer sunshine does wonders for your mood — but makes for a terrible selfie, boo.  With iPhones at every corner, who couldn’t use an extra layer of confidence?

Shanah isn’t just skilled at covering and contouring — she’s got a balanced, refined aesthetic for every client’s style: “I want you to look amazing, but still like yourself.” And she’s also giving first-time clients $15 OFF a full-face glam, plus cash for bridal referrals. Did I mention she makes house calls?

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She also offers private instruction as well as fun, informative classes in her Sherman Mills studio, with wine, a live model, and Q&A (check her website for updates). If you’ve ever tried to follow along with a Youtube “smokey eye” video, you’ll quickly realize there’s no comparison to Shanah’s IRL demonstration, with personal feedback.

Shanah loves make-up — she’s not just a freelancer, but she’s her own best client: “I don’t go anywhere without makeup — not even the beach!” She was laughing, but she wasn’t joking. “Full-face, why not? I don’t see the point of ‘a little’ makeup.” 

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But she’s quick to point out that “full face” doesn’t necessarily mean “glam.” The secret to make-up artistry is layers: skilled application of light, sheer layers can create looks ranging from high drama to natural glow. Shanah often takes an hour or more with a client, “sculpting” brows, chin, cheekbones.

As a freelance makeup artist for high-fashion shoots, Shanah’s ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends & techniques. Ready to freshen your look for these Dog Days of Summer?

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This season, Shanah’s loving bold eyeliners in shocking shades like turquoise and neon blue. “Just a swish at your lash line looks so fresh.” Going minimal? Shanah recommends sheer foundation, mascara, and lipstick for a quick Summer glow.

For a camera-ready face, Shanah builds featherweight coverage and contouring that’ll last all day. Think birthdays, proms, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, concerts — anywhere  you’ll be photographed. A surprisingly affordable luxury (about $50).

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE  What a thoughtful gesture that will bring smiles every time they look at the pictures. Book a lesson for your teenage daughter, and she’ll learn tricks to look her best through a lifetime of events.

New East Falls clients $15 off your first Special Occasion makeover. Refer a bride & Shanah will pay you $50 when she books!

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Shanah Makeup Artist
Sherman Mills

Follow Shanah on Instagram for local twists on trending looks.


  • Donna Davis

    East Falls’s very own Grace Kelly’s quote about being in the make-up chair before filming: “I’ll be god-damned if I’m going to stay in a business where I have to get up earlier and earlier and it takes longer and longer for me to get in front of the camera”. She was so naturally beautiful!

    • Carolyn Fillmore

      Cheeky!! Love our local princess, such a personality, to boot. I wonder how she’d have handled social media? I like to imagine Grace in her older years would’ve been like a regal Betty White. With a wardrobe to die for.

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