Dems Party Down at 38th Ward’s Spring Fling

EastFallsLocal SpringFling FEATURE

Weird night for a Beef & Beer fund raiser, Good Friday, but this year’s Spring Fling for Philadelphia’s 38th Democratic Ward was hoppin’ last night. Supporters & candidates filled Franklin’s Pub & Grill to hob-nob, chit-chat, and otherwise hang out with each other. Relaxed & friendly was the vibe, all around.

EastFallsLocal steve talks to bill ciancaglini laugh

Never met so many judicial candidates! Can we vote for all of them? At this level in local politics, everyone’s boot-strapping because they want to make a difference in their own heart-felt way.  We heard no slick or vague spiels, just passionate folks wanting to do their jobs better, really.

EastFallsLocal Steve Omar Sabir chat

Here’s this May’s ballot, along with some random comments and photos from the evening. Huge thanks to the organizers for inviting us, and to all the candidates who rolled with our goofy questions and joined Steve in mugging for our camera. Best of luck in May, fingers crossed for a big voter turn-out.

EastFallsLocal crop Steve and betsy chris photobomb

You’re gonna wanna get in that mayoral primary anyway, right?  Make things more interesting —  As the producers of American Idol figured out long ago:  voting is so much more fun with some back story!  To that end, we’ve provided links to these local candidates we met & truly enjoyed hanging with.

EastFallsLocal steve and rainy papademetriou chat


EastFallsLocal steve and bill ciancaglini smile

William Ciancaglini. Judge, Court of Common Pleas. 80s dance machine. “It’s my first and only time running, because I’m going to win.”

EastFallsLocal Lisa Deeley smile

Lisa Deeley. City Commissioner.

EastFallsLocal steve shakes hands Bill Greenlee

William Greenlee. City Council, At-Large.

EastFallsLocal Steve Chris Mallios and Carol Jenkins

Carol Jenkins. City Commissioner

EastFallsLocal Steve and Chris Mallios and Joffie Pittman

Chris Mallios. Judge, Court of Common Pleas. One of only 3 candidates to receive the Philadelphia Bar Association’s “highly recommended” designation.

Joffie Pittman. Judge, Municipal Court.

EastFallsLocal chris and linda steve nice smiles

Chris McCabe. Judge, Court of Common Pleas. Regarding his ballot position: “At the bottom of the ballot, but I’m the cream of the crop!” Of course he is, he’s a resident of the Falls!

EastFallsLocal rainy papademetriou crop

Rainy Papademetriou. Judge, Court of Common Pleas. First campaign. “It’s a seven-week sprint going to every neighborhood in Philadelphia. You need to get out from behind the bench to be a good judge.”

EastFallsLocal Steve Kenneth Powell

Kenneth Powell. Judge, Court of Common Pleas

EastFallsLocal Steve Omar Sabir

Omar Sabir. City Commissioner.

EastFallsLocal Steve & Jennifer Schultz

Jennifer Schultz. Judge, Court of Common Pleas. Line dancer. “I want to make the system more accessible for low-income Pennsylvanians.”

EastFallsLocal betsy wahl rose smile chat CROP TXT

Betsy Wahl. Judge, Court of Common Pleas. “I’ve dedicated my life to serving Philadelphia and its youth.”

And some video from later in the evening…

EastFallsLocal group shot no phone to crop 2

Eastfallslocal.Spring Fling thanks



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