Candidates Spill Beans for East Falls Local

We caught up with Pam & Sean campaigning locally this weekend in our neighborhood where loyalty for both sides runs deep.  For those rare folks here still undecided, we asked both candidates to share five things we don’t know about them. Hmmmm… what could it be…? 

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Wow we have two individuals who really wanted our votes Tuesday! Congrats to Pam Delissio, who won the vote for Democratic Pennsylvania State Representative in the 194th District. The battle here was a fierce one, as Stanton Street resident (and community fixture) Sean Stevens challenged a well-loved incumbent from hearby Roxborough.

Please continue reading, though, for video of Pam milking a cow. In a competition, yet!


Please check out our links for more information on this important (and exciting!) election in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, here’s some extra info we squeezed out of Pam and Sean this weekend, just for East Falls Local readers….

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  1. She once had a job changing tires at a Sears garage
  2. One of her pet peeves is litter (she’s a recycling fanatic, too, go figure)
  3. She was a Girl Scout leader for 7 years
  4. Was a licensed nursing home administrator for 18 years
  5. She’s planted a vegetable garden every year of her adult life except one

Pam’s been our representative since 2010, and is an active member of the Government Reform Caucus. She’s also a member of the state Agriculture committee (FYI: Roxborough’s WB Saul High school is one of only three public agricultural high schools in the country).

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  1. He has been an extra in the movies “Creed” and “Fallen”
  2. He’s climbed Mount Fuji
  3. He’s a Master’s Sprinter, and ran the 100m in the 2015 Penn Relays
  4. Played a pick-up baseball game in Cuba — and hit a homer!
  5. Married his wife Janice after two months of dating (he popped the question & when she said yes they flew to Vegas that night)

Sean’s a Center City attorney with four degrees from Temple. He grew up in Kensington, and for a decade now has made East Falls his home. He was an AmeriCorps member, and took a pledge to “make the American people safer, smarter, and healthier” (AmeriCorps is often called the Peace Corps but at home). 

These two well-deserving & highly-qualified candidates are vying for our votes this Tuesday.  Let’s all get out to the polls, and participate in one of the most interesting elections our neighborhood’s seen in awhile.


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