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A hyper-local look at the coolest small businesses we met while planning a neighborhood bash for 2,000 people.

Last July, Alden Park welcomed East Falls and surrounding communities to explore its historical charms and 21st century luxuries. EFL helped spread the word and make it a full day and night by the pools under stunning architecture, with all the local attractions we could pull together.

Huge thanks to all the amazing vendors and talents who came out to make Miami Days so special for neighbors and residents alike.

“It was a beautiful day,” said Alden Park’s lifestyle coordinator Alex  Seabury, “We’ve had tons of great feedback.” A few residents even apologized for being a little alarmist going into this event. When offered the opportunity to engage with the neighborhood, they realized a whole community they’d been missing out on.

Well of course! Great peeps, in our part of Philly – which we already knew. But we were surprised by the variety of unique, artistic businesses thriving right here under our nose! High fashion, youth fashion, Expressionist paintings, original art and music, curated home goods and jewelry… even natural soaps, balms, and butters.

Full list of businesses below — plus links to learn more & purchase. Stop by East Falls Farmer’s Market (Saturdays 10am – 2pm) to check out more local vendors.

ONLINE SHOPPERS visit for Fallser t-shirts plus a gallery of East Falls retail with free delivery in the ’29.


Drew Montemayor

SplashLab Arts

Windfall Gallery

Sandra Webberking

Koco Nails

Stephen Goldstein

Joe Minardi

Young American Cider

Smoke Cigars

Wolven Threads

Material Culture

Jovan O’Connor

Poised Society

John Bayeux (New York Life)

George Anderson Collections

LogoRhythms Studio

Sass on Canvas

Jewel Journey

Little White Dog

Soap by Alana

Jewelry With Me

Quick Word  About Miami Nights:

After extreme weather warnings, Alden Park opted to cancel the evening portion of the event aka the best part of the party, womp womp. The thunderstorm started at 6pm as forecast but only lasted a few minutes, then the sky was mockingly blue. But Alden Park had no way of knowing the storm would blow over, and had to play it safe, of course.

So we all went to Murphy’s where Mike made us Cubanos! We’ll follow up when the event is rescheduled, meanwhile big thanks to Alden Park’s residents and management. 



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  • Hollywood Hasher

    So sad about the night portion of the event. It was a beautiful day, though! You guys make the best events. Keep going!

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