Keep Turkey Day from Going to the Dogs

Counter surfing, scrap snatching, and other canine tricks to look out for at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year but it poses some challenges for dog owners.  During the holidays food is everywhere, just tempting your dog to counter surf and feed himself. Make sure all food is pushed back away from the counter’s edge, out of the reach of your dog.

Many visitors to your house will want to feed your dog leftovers. High fat foods, such as turkey skin, gravy, and other rich foods can cause gastroenteritis and pancreatitis. It is best to stick to your regular dog treats.

If you throw the turkey carcass or other turkey bits in the kitchen trash can a dog that otherwise would never dumpster dive, will be tempted.  It is best to throw out all of the turkey left overs in a trash bin outside that your dog does not have access to.

If you plan to have visitors over the holidays take some special precautions.  With many people going in and out of your door it is easy for your dog to sneak past someone, or saunter out a door that was left open. When the traffic of visitors is high in your house, it may be best to keep your dog in an upstairs bedroom. If your dog does escape outside, a microchip gives your dog the best chance of being returned to you. So please microchip your pet and make sure the microchip is registered with your up-to-date contact information.

And remember not every pet is a social butterfly. Some dogs love to be around company but other dogs become shy and nervous. If your dog is more of the introvert type, let them have a safe quiet space that they can retreat to when guests are over. A kong filled with peanut butter and frozen is a great safe treat that will keep your dog busy and occupied while you and your guests enjoy Thanksgiving.

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