About Us

Founded in 2014, The Local offers hyperlocal news with a “hypervocal” spin.

“East Falls Local” started as a Facebook page for photos & items of interest specific to our neighborhood of East Falls, Philadelphia. Soon after, we began sharing features on EastFallsLocal.com, and in a free publication we offered at first seasonally, and then monthly as our popularity grew. In 2017, CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia took us under their humanities umbrella as a non-profit project promoting free, independent press.

Thanks to a generous grant from Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania in 2018, we became “The Local” and expanded to highlight contributors throughout NW Philadelphia — reporters, community leaders, and developers, as well as fiction & humor writers, memoirists, reviewers, and more.

We’re telling the stories you won’t find anywhere else, from the “front lines” of developing neighborhoods struggling with real issues and celebrating unique triumphs every day.

In addition to our blog & social media feeds, every month we print our best stories and reader comments in a splashy free publication available all over the area.

Thank you for supporting regional, independent press. We’re proud to develop this new hybrid of print & social media specifically for our readers, the coolest cats in the city.

BIG HUGS ALL AROUND: We love NW Philly! And we hope The Local helps you love your neighborhood a little more, too. Got a great local story? Submit your own version or pass us a tip we can follow up on.

EDITORS: Steve and Carolyn Fillmore
EMAIL: editor@EastFallsLocal.com
215-498-8874 (call or text)
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